Some Lines About Windermere

Our Vision

"To create the Most Respected Education Brands that provides highest quality services to students in a sustainable and scalable way.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop young learners with active and creative minds to think intensively and critically with a strong secular ethos, to instill in them a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs, to provide each student a diverse education that promotes self-discipline, motivation, a sense of responsibility, social and global consciousness and excellence in learning, to assist the students in developing skills to become independent holistic learners empowered for life and to help them grow into better human beings to make this planet a better place to live.

Why Us???

Every child is special with his/her unique capabilities and our objective is to identify this uniqueness. Our school is not created to force any specialization onto a child, but to nurture the natural ability whether it is artistic, scientific or linguistic. Our emphasis on smaller teacher student ratio and constant tracking of child’s progress across various parameters, exemplifies this belief. We use technology to empower our students and parents. Parents can track performance of their wards through various means such as Online Management Software, Sms alerts, Call centre facility and periodic visits by teachers. We aspire to make our student’s journey at school a beautiful memory for them to cherish for a lifetime!

Our Standards


The team that conceptualized and incepted Windermere School comprises of an equal mix of IIT & IIM graduates along with eminent academicians. This was explicitly done to make sure WPS has the best of both worlds and its teachers and students are guided by professionals exposed to effective management skills on one hand and brilliant academic knowhow on the other. Our teaching methodology has borrowed concepts from best practices followed by various Indian educational boards like State and ICSE. Our extensive growth would have never been the same had it not been for the leadership of this management team.

parents talk

We believe that parents are [our most essential partners]. Every parent tries nurture to one’s child as per his/her beliefs and convictions. In order to facilitate and ensure proper growth and development of any child, no school can work in isolation. We strive to maintain a regular communication with the parents about various school activities and day-to-day progress of the child. Our school keeps parents abreast with all the happenings in the school through a variety of ways – such as online school management software, regular SMS alerts, emails, school Blogs, updates in student Diaries and physical letters. Periodic parents-teacher meeting and individual appointments encourage parents to share their dreams, goals and concerns about their child.