Admission from I Std. To IX Std

  • Selection will be purely done by entrance test and availability of seats.

Admission to Montessori / LKG

  • Candidates who desire admission to Montessori and LKG must have completed 2 years 10 months and 3 years 10 months of age as on June 1. Applications for Montessori and LKG are issued in early January.

Fees Regulation

  • Each student is supplied with a fee Card. After payment of fees parents are requested to get entries in the fee card along with receipts.

  • The details of the fees to be paid for the year are given therein.

  • The fee can be paid in three instalments, for your convenience, or in full in the month of June.

Installments are to be paid as follows

  • 1st Installment - Between the 1st - 15th of June, 2017

  • 2nd Installment - Between the 1st - 15th of September, 2017

  • 3rd Installment - Between 1st - 15th of December, 2017

  • Fees are to be paid by Cash/DD / Cheque/RTGS/NEFT only. drawn in favour of Windermere Education Society/Windermere High School/HM Windermere LPS.

  • Students who are on the rolls for even a part of the term must pay the schools fees for the entire year,even if they decide to take a T.C.

  • In the event of the tuition fees not being paid before the due date, a fine of Rs. 10/- will be charged for each month of delaybeyond the due date.

  • On no account can a Transfer Certificate be granted to a student whose fees have not been fully paid for the entire year.

  • Fees of students leaving the school during an academic year will not be refunded.